Best Places to Find the Latest Widgets

Best Places to Find the Latest Widgets | Linux Operations

Best Places to Find the Latest Widgets

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It seems like every time we log onto our favorite social networking site or blog, there’s a new widget available. Unless you’re on the cutting edge of all web technology, then many are just strange little symbols floating around a website. However, most are quite useful. You just have to keep up with the best places to find the latest widgets.

Widgets are bits of code that can be copied and then pasted onto personal websites, blogs and social networking pages. Their purpose is to provide quick links and access to favorite content. It could be that you’re wishing for a widget that already exists but you don’t know about. You may wish to use them to advertise, or to engage site visitors with news and information, or maybe you want to download and share music and videos. There are websites that provide all of this technology.

Widgetbox has options in all three categories and they also offer mobile widgets for Smartphones. It’s easy to place widgets on a web page with their widget wizard. Widgipedia does pretty much the same thing, but it allows users to give feedback too. Rockyou widgets are the kind you use to waste time by reading horoscopes, watching musical slide shows and playing games.

Widgets come as web widgets or desktop widgets. The technology differs in that the web version allows you to place it on a website and take it where ever you go, and the desktop version is placed on the desktop for quick web access to a favorite site. It all gets a little overwhelming but like all technology, when a good thing hits the market, everyone will produce one. They’ll go from useful to fun. Whether it’s the New York Times or a cyber-pet, widgets will help you access them. No need to be patient; it’s already at your fingertips.