Doing Best Link Building Method Using Quality Blogs

Effective search engine optimization involves writing content, doing the video material from web 2.0 and sending best link building to the pages you want to rank for. Then we get to the final wave. At the moment we head towards using web 2.0 for building our own network. We’re using web 2.0 because it’s free, you don’t have to register domain names and you can leverage off the work that they’ve already done. If that’s still not working, then the next step, the final step and now I’m starting to talk about some really competitive terms. You’ll go back to the domain names you registered at the start of the year and that you’ve let age and so on. You might start off by installing a WordPress blog on the websites. You’ll go over to something like one of the blog networks and you’ll start to get content fed into these natural link building websites so that they can start to age. Then you will start to treat them like mini authorities. Imagine applying all of that to each website and then you control your own network. Then you can send the links exactly where you want and you’ll be controlling the links from very highly targeted, very authoritative websites. If you’re operating inside a niche, you should be thinking like this anyway because the situation is getting more competitive. You are able to dominate virtually any niche with only three blogs. Used to do some limited testing for many website marketing launches which were approaching and that we only registered a little network of websites and we actually went ten and I think website marketing is a lot more competitive than some niches, but we’re building those little sites as mini authority blogs. I quickly had my own best link building blog and I also started sending links from pages to my blog for a particular affiliate marketing product because the product was released, to ensure that I might rank well for your particular product when the product launched. When you can control that network, you can definitely increase the number of articles posted as well as the number of pages that these sites will have over time. Make sure to use unique registrations, hosting, IPs, but do not focus much on doing these things when you build your blog network. Do not install an Analytics account under one name. If you have been accumulating a network that had maybe over fifty, I then might start to try and segregate them slightly. However don’t think anyone is going to arrive at that point just doing three or four. Don’t stress too much. Even on the same IP, don’t get caught up, because I’ve been down that road.  

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