Enhance Your Website with Plug-ins and Widgets

Enhance Your Website with Plug-ins and Widgets | Linux Operations

Enhance Your Website with Plug-ins and Widgets

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When you create a website, you want many people to come and visit it. A trick for drawing people to your site is to make it as interactive as possible. Offer computer users reasons to come back and provide information that appeals to them. You might want to do this using plug-ins and widgets. These are free, downloadable bits of software that you can add to your website to offer computer users information ranging from event countdowns to news updates. One of the beautiful things about this technology is it doesn’t matter what operating system computer users utilize when they go to your website. The widgets and plug-ins still generally work.

If you want to give your website viewers a pleasant digital media experience then you might want to consider downloading plug-ins such as Shockwave, RealPlayer, and Java. With these tools, you can easily share music, images, and video. Or you could install an MP3 player widget if you want basic music in the background.

Entertainment is a small click away with game widgets such as the Bubbles game, which has players scrambling to choose three bubbles of the same color before they run out of time. If people using your website have Flash installed on their electronic devices, they might want to play more complex games such as the Super Mario game.

Keep your website users up-to-date on the news by using widgets. As you consider downloading a widget, you have many different choices for the types of news you want to share with your website readers. You can keep them current with health news. Use widgets to share local news and international news. Readers can even keep tabs on stock market news depending on which news widgets you choose to install. As you design your website, you want to make sure that you don’t overwhelm readers. Just select a few widgets and plug-ins that fit the theme of your website.