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I’m delighted that the team at Macromedia have added our new blog to the aggregator at – it’s a privilege to be able to share information within a community that we’ve learned so much from ourselves. We’ve made a few failed attempts in the past at keeping up-to-date information on a weblog, but with the explosion in Rich Internet Application technologies, and the amount of RIA development our team is booked to deliver, we hope that where we may be short on time, we won’t be short on material ! We’ve already posted a few bits and pieces, to set some background for some of the things we plan on blogging in the near future. There’s a few bits and pieces of commentary on some of the things that have been publically announced about Macromedia Flex, and we’ll continue to track those developments quite closely, from the perspective of old-school J2EE developers that didn’t just find Flash for our Enterprise user-interfaces, but actively went looking for it ! Alistair has blogged a little on unit-testing and test-driven development already – we’re advocates of agile development and software best-practices, and will be discussing as much as we can, how we see that fit in with enterprise RIA development. Finally, we’ve already dropped in a couple of pieces about Opal, a product that we sold the Rich Internet Application proposition for over a year ago, and delivered to our client earlier this year. I’ve posted a bit of background on the project, and taken that forward with a discussion of the design pattern based architecture that we laid down as the technical infrastructure for the project. We’ll not be posting specifics of a client-project, but we do intend sharing some of the experiences that we picked up along the way, and have applied to subsequent projects. Many of you know Aral Balkan from the community; we invited Aral into the project to work on the user-facing elements of the project – I know Aral will be sharing some of the experiences he faced there as well, to balance our own postings. We look forward to mixing it up with everyone !

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