Green Hosting Growing

According to an article by Melissa Smich on, web hosts are increasingly going green. The Internet, of course, already gets plenty of points for being an essentially green endeavor. All those trips to the store that are avoided because someone can shop online and all that driving around to meet people that’s averted because people socialize on social networking sites adds up. However, hosting websites is still an endeavor that can be decidedly non-green. Once you get the idea of how these hosts work, it’s easy to understand why this is the case. Web hosts advertise uptime as one of their major selling points. Most of the time, web hosts like to offer over 99 percent uptime, which is essentially a requirement if they want to remain viable competition among their peers. This, of course, requires reliable power and reliable power requires a grid. More and more, web hosts are starting to add power from renewable resources into their business model. With the grid for a backup, the companies can use renewable energy most of the time and switch over to the grid when needed. Web hosts are also dependent upon some very high-intensity technologies where power use is concerned. For example, every computer produces a great deal of heat when it’s in use. This has to be dispersed to keep the servers running smoothly and that requires air conditioning and other technologies. Innovations in cooling technology may make it possible for web hosts to reduce their dependence upon air conditioning and other potentially harmful technologies to keep their servers at the right temperature. With new innovations in cooling coming out all the time, it’s likely that these companies will implement better technology to save money and the planet at the same time. The reasons behind this interest in green hosting are somewhat altruistic and somewhat profit-driven. Environmental friendliness is a big selling point with many different demographics. The web hosts know this, of course and, according to the article on SearchWarp, can display a logo on their own sites that lets potential customers know when the server farm is being powered by green energy. For those who have an interest in saving the planet but who also love technology, this may be a dream come true. The Internet, in the end, may make the world greener in addition to having already made it much smaller.

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