How to enable the new Guest mode on Windows 10

Guest mode is replaced with a new name and the activation process is also very different on Windows 10 since version 1809. Guest mode is an interesting feature equipped with Windows operating system, which helps users limit access to computers for people like their relatives or their friends. With previous Windows operating systems, creating Guest accounts is quite simple but on the latest Windows 10 version, this mode seems to have been removed and replaced with Kiosk mode. To simplify, Kiosk mode is an upgrade of Guest mode, and it allows you to have more options to set user permissions than Guest mode on previous Windows version. So specifically how to activate and use the latest Windows 10 Kiosk mode, please read the following content. Step 1: Access Settings from the Start Menu and click on Accounts. Click on the Family & other users option. Step 2: In the list of settings provided by Family & other users, go to the Set up a kiosk section and click Assigned access. The activation and setup interface of Kiosk mode appears, click Get Started to start. Step 3: The activation steps include: first name a guest account. Next is the selection of applications that you allow the guest account to use. And then complete the setup. As you can see, after activating, the Kiosk mode account will appear at the Kiosk info list, accompanied by the application you licensed for this account to be used. Deactivate Kiosk mode When you want to deactivate Kiosk mode, just go to Kiosk info, click on the account name and click Remove kiosk. Continue to click Remove at the confirmation window. The change will take effect immediately.