How to Improve Your Google Ad Campaign

Running a Google ad campaign is a necessity for businesses these days. Though anyone can run a PPC campaign since no expertise is required, you cannot always get it right. There are companies that spend hundreds of dollars running Google ad campaigns but see little to nothing in return. If your company has gone through this experience, or if you fear that it might, here are several tips that will help improve the quality of any Google ad campaign:

Polish the Ad Copy

Google ads are short, so it’s easy to just scribble something and go with it. Don’t. The text in the ad is very important and must be phrased properly for the advertisement to appeal to the right audience. You must be careful of spelling and grammar mistakes. These can make the ad look like spam. Also, pick your phrasing carefully. Be concise and clear in delivering your message.

Optimize with Keywords

Google ads must be optimized with the right keywords. However, do not cram the ad with keywords or key phrases that make grammatically little sense. Each keyword-embedded sentence must be coherent in a natural manner. Do not type random keywords in the ad as phrases either. If you are not sure how to optimize your Google ad, it might help to hire SEO Companies that specialize in this type of services.

Research the Right Keywords

When using keywords, it’s vitally important to pick the right keywords. The right keywords are the ones that most resonate with the services your company provides, or what your target audience seeks. Most marketers make the mistake of choosing top trending keywords for their Google ads. The top trending keywords might not the ones your target audience type into Google. So, choosing keywords simply based on their popularity could lead your site to attract the wrong audience. Any traffic is not good traffic. You need to target the traffic that is most likely to convert by thoroughly researching the keywords the ad uses.

Write a Strong Call to Action

Do not post your ad without at least one strong call to action. A call to action is a verb or a phrase that compels the viewer to click on the link provided in the ad. A call to action can be as simple as “click here.” But the CTA must be able to get viewers to click. Most ads contain the CTA at the bottom right above the web link to the landing page.

Keep It Short and Simple

Google ads do have a certain limit on the number of characters you can use. Even so, keep in mind to publish short ads. Your readers will not be patient and read on. Convey the most important information in the ad, and do not try to sway viewers with exaggerations that convey little meaning.

Stand Out from the Competition

Your Google ad must be able to stand out from similar ads posted by business competitors. While you may look at competing ads for inspiration, do not imitate the content. Use unique language and relevant keywords to make your advertisement unique among a sea of many. Otherwise, no one will really notice your ad. Last but not least, for the ad to be truly effective, the landing page must also be optimized. With that, if you follow the above tips, you will have an effective ad campaign at hand.

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