How to Use Your Verizon Android Cell Phone as a Flashlight

The Verizon Android is capable of doing a lot of things other than just being a phone. That is why they call it a smartphone. You can use it for things that you never thought of using a phone for. If you have ever been in the position of needing a flashlight but didn’t have one handy? Do you sometimes use your cell phone to see in the dark but it just doesn’t seem to be quite enough light? If so, you can use the Verizon Android as an all out flashlight. Here is how to use your Android Smartphone as a flashlight: Step One: Download Droidlight from Market on your Verizon Android phone. You can do this by typing the word “Droidlight” into the search box of “market” from the slide up icon box at the bottom of your Android phone. Step Two: Open the Droidlight application by opening the slide up icon box and finding the icon for “droidlight”. Touch the light bulb icon from the menu. This will open up the flashlight. Step Three: The flashlight will automatically be on. It will use the light from the flash bulb for the camera. Use the light as much as you need to. Step Four: Make sure you turn the flashlight off when you are done using it. If you don’t, it will run the battery on your Verizon Android phone down. You can do this by simply touching the light bulb icon. Step Five: Put the Droidlight icon on the desktop of your Verizon Android phone. You can do this by long touching the icon from the drag up menu on the Android cell phone. Drag the light bulb icon to the desktop and drop it. You will now have much easier access to the Droidlight flashlight application. Step Six: To turn the light back on, simply click the light bulb icon from your Verizon Android cell phone. This will open the application back up. Touch the light bulb on the center of the screen to turn it back on. The Droidlight application will get a lot of use. This is especially true if you tend to use your cell phone for light in the dark. Most people do this sometimes when they have no other source of light. It beats having to look for a flashlight in the house that you may or may not have good batteries in. Your Verizon Android is likely to always be charged enough to use the flashlight feature on it. Your Verizon Android phone is one of the most versatile objects you will ever own. Make sure you use it to its fullest potential.

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