MindNode Mindmapping Software for Mac

MindNode is a simple, elegant mind mapping tool that lets you visually brainstorm your ideas without getting bogged down with learning the software. When you open the program, the first thing you will see is a rounded rectangle with the title “Mind Map” typed in the middle. Change the title to whatever topic you want. Next to the rounded rectangle is a plus sign. Click on the plus sign, hold, and drag it in whatever direction you want. Type a single-word subtopic on the branch. Repeat the process until you have exhausted ideas for your topic. MindNode allows you to do more than draw branches and enter text. You can change the fonts to suit the theme of your topic, customize your toolbar, change the color and thickness of your branches, and set the background color of your mind map. Export your mind map in a variety of formats, including OPML, PDF, and text outline. Printing your mind maps is an easy process, but make sure that you set the page to print in landscape mode. I liked MindNode better than FreeMind because I had more control over the way my mind maps look. However, I would like to see some features added. The ability to add a header to my mind map would be nice, as would the ability to add images. I would also like the ability to edit the way the branches curve after I make them. MindNode Pro The Pro version offers more advanced features. With the Pro version, you can give your mind maps more visual appeal by adding images to the branches or the main topic. Create cross-connections to nodes that are related to one another. Fill nodes with color of the branch or a different color to make them stand out even more. Create an interactive mind map by embedding hyperlinks in your nodes, and then convert it into a TIFF or PDF for your team to use. MindNode Pro works seamlessly with MindNode Touch, thanks to the WiFi technology. MindNode Touch MindNode Touch works on the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad. Import your maps from MindNode Pro and export them as OPML and text outlines, FreeMind files, and PNG images. You can download the app from the developer’s website or download it from iTunes. Feature Comparison: http://www.mindnode.com/mindnode/feature-chart/ Conclusion MindNode offers you a fast and easy method of organizing your thoughts and putting your plans into action. Source: MindNode