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I just finished watching a presentation yesterday on how mobile is growing at an exponential rate. If you have read my report than you’ve probably already seen that there are around 5 billion mobile users and only 1.3 billion Internet users. That means there is roughly 5 times the amount of mobile users than straight Internet users! Just take a moment and think of the trend that is taking place right now. More and more people are using their mobile phone as an actual computer! They are surfing the Internet, using Google to find things, socializing on Facebook… and all from their cell phone! If Google’s number one focus is on mobile than as a business owner I would highly suggest you start implementing strategies that are mobile related. In about three years if you aren’t 100% mobile in your business than you will be WAY BEHIND. The business owners who see the trend and start doing what is necessary now will capture the largest market share. So what exactly do you need to do to start implementing mobile strategies into your business? Actually, it’s not as hard as you might think. First, you will want to find out a way to communicate with all your customers or clients through text messaging. Remember, 97% of text messages are opened and read compared to 17% of emails. Do you realize the significance of this? While most of your competitors are still communicating through email, you can take advantage of text message marketing and blow them away! We aren’t talking about a small difference here. 97% compared to 17% is astronomical in the world of marketing. So, how do you start communicating with your customers or clients through text messaging? Easy… just contact us and we will have you set up using our robust, flexible platform which will allow you to now use text message marketing in all your future endeavors. We will help you import your existing database of phone numbers and show you how to send out a broadcast to their cell phones via a text. We will also show you how you can implement text message marketing in all your marketing campaigns as a way to increase your ROI. Second, you need to have a mobile friendly website. This is a MUST if you want to stay ahead. Over 99% of businesses do not have a mobile website… this means you have a HUGE opportunity once again to fly ahead of your competitors. If more and more people are using their mobile phones to visit your website then you have to make sure they can easily navigate and get to what they are looking for. Conventional websites are not built for mobile phones… they don’t show up properly on the phone and they are very difficult to navigate. Let me give you an example. You are on website right now. From your desktop it looks like a conventional site. However, if you tried accessing this exact same site through a mobile device it would be very hard to navigate and we’d probably lose a lot of business. Here’s what a mobile version of our website looks like (the home page): Notice how it is totally simplified and easy to navigate? Plus, it shows up perfectly on ALL mobile devices. You’d be amazed at how many websites show up distorted when viewed by a mobile phone. When a LOT of your potential customers or clients are searching for you on their mobile phone I’d say it is pretty important for you to have a site that shows up correctly on their phone and allows them to easily navigate to find what they are looking for. **Note: A mobile website is simply a stripped down version of your main website that is built in a such a way that it will show up perfectly on every mobile device. The idea is not to have a full blown website but rather to have something that looks nice and is easy for the person to navigate using their mobile phone. Another reason to have a mobile website is that the statistics show that when someone is searching for something using their mobile phone they are way more likely to take action (i.e. buy, set up an appointment, order, etc.). If you aren’t set up with a mobile website than you will be missing out on a lot of potential business! Getting a mobile website is easier than you might think. There are two options that we offer at My Mobile Marketing: Option #1: You can use our FREE mobile webpage creator that is built into our software platform. It’s easy to use. However, a lot of people aren’t very savvy with web design or html or hosting. Therefore, we have created another option. Option #2: You can hire us to build you a mobile version of your website. We will consult with you on how it should look, design it, and upload it to your hosting account so that the mobile site shows up automatically when someone is using their mobile phone. It’s relatively cheap compared to the ROI you will get. Contact us to learn more. There are many more things you could do to start implementing the power of mobile marketing into your business but these are the two primary things you should start doing right away (text message marketing and having a mobile friendly website). My advice to you as a business owner is to think mobile from this day on in everything you do! P.s. I decided I’m going to add a third mobile strategy business owners should consider doing. Originally, I did not want to add this simply because I didn’t want to confuse anyone, however, upon further thought I decided it would be beneficial for you to know about it. Ever heard of a QR code? A QR code is a 2D bar code that stands for “Quick Response code”. It is very popular in Japan where the mobile industry is at least two years ahead of North America. Basically, a business owner can use a QR code as a way for people to easily access their website or contact information. A store owner can put the code on their window or a Realtor can put the code on their lawn sign. The way it works is the customer whips out their phone and takes a picture of the QR code and then it automatically sends them to either your website or your contact information (you can choose where you want to send your customer). Okay, so it is a LOT easier to understand this when you actually see it. So, if you have a smart phone please go and download a QR code app reader. You can search for this application and it should be free (there are many of them). I have the iPhone and I use a QR code reader called WELT KOMPAKT. But, it really doesn’t matter which app you have as long as it can read QR codes. Alright, now that you have the right application (btw, most cell phones will eventually have this feature built right into the camera so that you don’t have to download an app) just simply open the application up and take a picture of the QR code below: As soon as you take a picture of this QR code it will automatically take you to the mobile website. So you don’t have to type in a URL or anything. Just snap a pic and bam… you are there! Pretty cool, huh? And the best part is that we can help you set this up for your business. Everyone will think you are so ahead of the times and your customers will love it. Contact us to learn more.

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