sony ericsson xperia mini pro concerns?

Media Widget i have a few concerns that i wish to clarify.. 1. what is cached background process? do they drain battery if i do not close them like the one in the running process? 2. in the running process i usually stops the apps that i dont use however i cant seem to stop google maps.. when i hit stop it just keeps restarting itself and wont close in the running background.. whats with that? 3. sometimes i also stop devicemonitor, google services, protected media scanner, and usbx.. but i have no idea what those are and what it does. nothing happens when i close them so i assume it is not needed.. 4. for those who are aware of what status switch widget is, the one where u got all the connectivity icons with the battery percentage on top of it. i seem to have installed something that made the battery percentage inaccurate.. my phone shuts off at 5% at when i try to turn it back on it blinks the red light indicating the the battery is all out.. anything i can do to repair that? it was working great before.. and btw, i already uninstalled whatever i installed yestrday but still the battery percentage indicator on the status switch is stil inaccurate as hell.. as we all know, the main prob of the xperia mini pro is the battery life so im taking all the measures to maximize its usage.. any answer to my question will be very much appreciated. thanks!

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