The Fun Widgets for Blogs

The Fun Widgets for Blogs | Linux Operations

The Fun Widgets for Blogs

No blog can be successful just on the content of the blog itself. While a blog needs good content, it’s appearance matters just as much. A user will come to read the latest posting, but will stay for the additional content and links that are located within the blog space. For this, as many users of Word Press will confirm, one must invest time into collecting a good series of widgets for their blog.

While it’s ok to have widgets that give the date and the time, or the authors bio, it’s often better to have more interactive or entertaining widgets. This keeps the viewer interested in more than just the content of the blog itself. Here are a few examples of effective widgets that will keep viewers on the page.


Viewers are often looking for a little something fun and interesting after they get done with a blog. They want something to keep them on the page. Coastr is a great widget designed to display the bloggers favorite beers and pubs from anywhere in the world. It’s a fun add on to any lively and entertaining blog, especially if there is drinking involved.

Google Videobar

For those looking to keep their viewers entertained after the blog is over they can try the Google Videobar. This will allow users to put on Google videos into the blogs and viewers can stay on the page and be entertained by the latest and greatest videos from users all over the world. There are conditions that come with having this widget those who install it should read those conditions carefully.

Fuzzy Recent Comments

One of the things that people love about the blogging world is to give their opinions on blog postings. This widget will give users a chance to see all the recent comments about the blog they have selected. This is a great way to get and keep users engaged in the content of blog.