Three Stages of Development

How Kyrgyzstan in short time can alleviate the poverty and achieve the economic development? This issue is reflected in the program “Comprehensive Development Framework” (CDF) which has been implemented at the initiate of President Askar Akayev. The program “Comprehensive Development Framework” is divided into three stages. The main purpose of the first three years of CDF will be the decrease of unemployment. Next four years should increase the income of citizens on the basis of development of the economic activity. From 2008 till 2010 the country should be in the developed social sphere and will have improved quality of life. During last several years, many programs were realized but they did not give any essential results. For the implementation of CDF, the special working group, entrepreneurs and NGOs will participate. The legislative assembly also has made its contribution and the assembly of people representatives has started to publish the magazine “Herald of the CDF ‘ The program CDF is reflected in the critical sides of country for example, the absence of the executive discipline, budget crisis and permanent hopes for the foreign assistance. According to the program, the country should achieve its development and CDF should become the symbol of Kyrgyzstan in next century. The program closely touches upon with reality of life and real problems of citizens. The program CDF also clearly determines the priority and consequences of these problems. The hierarchy of purposes of program: each realized project is formed the basis for the achievement of the tasks of next stage of program. The foreign investments are also necessary for the modernization of the country. According to Askar Akayev, the World Bank, the European Union and other international organizations will provide the financial support in implementation of CDF. Besides, of foreign assistance, the country should itself achieve the economic stability. The administration of state should change its work. At first to use the internal reserves of country. Kyrgyzstan should not be depended permanently on the external debt. Consequently it will be increase the quality of the activity of state officials. During the meeting devoted to the pro-determined the internal resources of country: land, financial capital, knowledge and also the efforts of people. For this purpose, President has proposed to cancel the moratorium for land. The functioning moratorium is preventing the development of the agrarian sector. Besides moratorium is creating the obstacles on the way of movement of the capital in the country. The citizens having become the owners of the land do not use the constitutional rights. The land should become the national. The program CDF has included the problems like prohibition of purchase and sale of land, fight against terrorism, the improvement of the work of state administration, development of business and establishment the modern banking system The program CDF will be implemented within ten years and provided continuity in the work of government, ministries and the district self-governments. The program has been approved as taw and will be valid document to every state official. The prosperity of nation and interests should be important than the personal ambitions.

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