To experience something new with Windows 8

It is now time to improve your Computer with the new version operating system. Microsoft Corporation is ready to introduce its latest Windows 8. This more upgraded operating system is one of the most talked about topics among the tech freaks and people dealing with OS. This version of MS windows can be used in personal computers, laptops, business purposes as well as at home, also in your latest tablets and smart phones. After three years of its antecedent, windows 7, Windows 8 is said to be released by early 2012. The Windows 8 absolutely promises to present you improved features, but basic information should inform you about this new Windows version. It is heard that windows 8 is coming up with new 64-128 bit processor, additionally it will offer new security system of PatchGaurd. This will put off viruses to attack your computer and keep them away from changing the files. Windows 8 offers several facilities and is more linked to the users unlike the Windows 7. It can be used for multiple methods such as touch screen facilities and apps running in full screen followed by sharing information with others through contacts. Windows 8 all together offers new user interface which will be based on Microsoft’s metro designed language. The old start button has been removed from the task bar and in replaced by a start button in the new charm bar, including a hotspot in the left side corner. Also the boot manager that is used to start and select the operating system is advanced for touch input which can also be operated through the mouse. Windows 8 is also supposed to attract you with its graphical interface which can be expanded through settings menu. Moreover the Internet Explorer 10 will be added to it as Metro style application that will not be supporting the plug-in option but will be followed by the version of Adobe Flash Player. Windows 8 is uncomplicated and user friendly. This will aid you accessing the internet in a faster pace and is flexible enough to activate your system. In addition to this, it is also very prolonged as it takes lesser time for booting your pc compared to the previous version. Switching to apps is also seems to get easier with windows 8. If you are thinking about modifying your operating system you can make a wise decision to make use of Windows 8.

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