Top 10 Budget Desktop PCs

Desktop computers command more power than laptops and mobile devices, and with recent advancements in technology are lower priced and more powerful than ever. The best budget desktop PCs are affordable, have plenty of power for multitasking, large hard drive capacities and are up to date. We did not include monitor packages in our picks because prices can vary substantial based on quality and size. The provided links provide more information and specs on each computer. Gateway Intel Pentium Processor 6GB RAM Desktop $520 (Link) Gateway has recently come back into the PC market at a strong competitor for reliable and powerful computers. This particular model comes equipped with 6GB of RAM, which provides excellent multitasking, 9 USB ports, Windows 7 64-bit and 1TB (1000GB) of hard drive space. Overall, this Gateway is an excellent value for the money and is very easy to set up. ASUS CM1630-03 $450 (Link) When it comes to getting the very best for a low price, this ASUS PC delivers. With 640GB of memory and 4GB of RAM, the PC is both fast and has plenty of space to store video, music and games. The computer is extremely easy to set up out of box, but is bulky compared to some newer slim designs. HP Slimline s5510y $460 (Link) The HP Slimline is affordable and packs enough speed and storage for most users with its 3GB of RAM and 640GB of hard drive space. The best feature? The slim design makes this PC perfect for anyone who has limited space in his or her home office. HP Pavilion Slimline s5514y $400 (Link) Packed with 4GB of RAM and 500GB of hard drive space, this HP Slimline is perfect for the casual user who wants affordability and power. There is not much to complain about, especially with the small footprint design. Although the PC is easy to use and easy to setup, we recommend an HP protection plan as some HP computers have had some issues after two-years of heavy use. eMachines EL1352-01e $380 (Link) Packed with plenty of power and memory, the eMachines EL1352-01e is one of the best desktops for your money. For casual to moderate users, this PC is easy to use and is packed with plenty of extras. Compaq Presario CQ5500Y $320 (Link) For those on a tight budget, the Compaq Presario delivers decent multitasking and plenty of hard drive space. The PC is easy to use, but underpowered for users who want a computer for gaming and other high capacity programs. However, it still presents a great bargain for someone wanting to surf the internet and use MS programs. HP Pavilion p6510y $530 (Link) This HP Pavilion is probably one of the best PCs for the money. It is great at multitasking with its 4GB of built in RAM and has plenty of hard drive storage, 750GB. The only big drawback is that the price may deter some potential buyers who are on a strict budget. eMachines EL1352-03 $400 (Link) This eMachines desktop PC presents a great overall value. It is fast, the graphics are great for the price and it is expandable. For those on a budget, this PC is great and packs plenty of extras for moderate usage. eMachines EL1850-01e $310 (Link) This eMachines PC is great for the price, it includes 2GB of RAM and a 500GB hard drive. Similar to the price of an iPod, this PC is preloaded with Windows 7 and includes 7 USB ports. Although this computer is great for the basics, it does not provide the raw power needed for advanced applications, such as gaming. Acer AspireRevo $250 (Link) This super small PC, think half the size of a full QWERTY keyboard, is excellent for anyone surfing the internet, checking email or doing other basic tasks. The biggest drawback is that there is no CD ROM drive and no way to add one, which means no room for expansion. This PC is great for small spaces, but is not good for anyone looking to do more than the basics. Sources: