Why Online Storefronts Will Not Wipe Out Brick-and-mortar Businesses

Online retailing is gaining popularity but offline retailers have nothing to fear. You will learn why online storefronts will not wipe out brick-and-mortar businesses. Consumers want to actually see and try out what they are getting. Some items such as shoes, pants and belts require you to see them in person before you get them. It does not make sense to buy clothes on the Internet because it will rob you of your chance to try them on for size and comfort. Shopping on the Internet will not enable you to talk to a salesperson. This is a problem if you have questions about an item. A salesperson can personally show or explain how it works. It is very hard for a web site to give you the instruction and assistance you need. You are not likely to be given the opportunity to get a refund or exchange if you buy something from a web site. Internet retailers are generally reluctant to allow you to get your money back. This especially applies to those who sell something such as E-books. You might have to pay extra online. This is especially true if you want your merchandise delivered. You are probably going to have to pay a shipping fee to have your item delivered to your home. Unless you are buying something you can immediately download such as an E-book, you will have to wait for your item to arrive in the mail if you buy it on the Internet. You might have to wait several days or weeks. This can be agonizing. Buying from an online storefront can be frightening. Many people are afraid to do this. They are afraid that they will become identity theft victims or that someone will gain access to their financial information and wipe out their bank accounts. Many people like to physically enjoy what they get. A good example of this includes books. Many people prefer to read paperbacks and hardcover books over E-books. A major problem that Internet retailers have is they cannot have face-to-face time with their prospects. As a result of not being able to personally interact with the prospects, it is too hard to build a rapport with them and thus persuade them to make a purchase. People prefer to buy from those they personally like and trust. Finally, it is hard to receive proof of a purchase you make online. Whereas you will always get a receipt when you buy something at a store, you are not likely to get a receipt with your online purchase. This is unfortunate because receipts help prove you bought a particular item. You have learned why online storefronts will not wipe out brick-and-mortar businesses. If you own a physical store, you can relax.

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