Use Open Source Software on iPhone With These Apps

Even though the most avid Linux fans will go out of their way to support open source software powered technology, sometimes others are just too darn cool. One such device is Apple’s iPhone. While competitors are starting to give iPhone a run for its money, it is still ahead of the game its load of apps, sleek design and smooth performance. But unlike the comparable Android, which runs an operating system off the Linux kernel, the iPhone’s operating system is closed. However, this fact doesn’t mean it is completely exempt from the reach of open source software. There are actually some pretty useful and fun open apps available for the iPhone. The greatest attribute of smartphones like the iPhone is their ability to keep users connected over many different mediums. The open Internet Relay Chat Colloquy, which is popular on Mac computers, is also mobile. It keeps tracks of all conversations and alerts you when certain words are mentioned all while you’re on the go. While it isn’t free, it’s worth it to stay in the thick of things. Bloggers don’t have to be near a computer to keep the world informed of their latest exploits when they have the WordPress app. Users can publish posts and manage their pages from wherever the mood strikes them. And to keep all your connections together, there is Funambol that will sync your contacts with email clients and other systems. There are also open software apps that let you have a lot of fun with your iPhone. Both useful and in some ways borderline comedic is the wikiHow app. Yes, finding out how to wrap a wound during an accident all with a touch of the screen is extremely helpful, but if you’re looking up how to survive a nuclear blast on your iPhone it just may be too late. The iPhone is also great for gaming with it’s touch sensitive screen, so have fun with legendary first-person shooters Doom and Wolfenstein. And for the intrepid Linux lover, you can always just hack it on there.

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